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Shooting with X-Ray Vision

 presented by Dr. James Williams, of Tactical Anatomy Systems, LLC

Last Class was on May 30, 2015  (You missed it!)  NO CLASSES CURRENTLY SCHEDULED

A few years ago Dr. James Williams held a Tactical Anatomy Instructor Course at Milwaukee, WI. Police firearms instructors from all over the upper Midwest attended, and we had a great, great class, in which 25 LE instructors learned how to train their officers in the principles of Shooting With X-Ray Vision (SXRV).

But what came out of that class was the stuff of legend. 

One particular agency sent its entire Firearms Training Unit staff to this class, and after it was done they went home and put together a plan to train all 2200 officers in their agency in SXRV's anatomically-correct targeting techniques. Administrative approval was given, and the FTU started a 2-year in-service program to take their officers to "the next level" in handgun combatives. The course of 8 half-day in-service courses over that 2 year span was based on the Tactical Anatomy Shooting with X-Ray Vision class and concept... and was designed to revolutionize the way cops shoot bad guys in their city. 

Dr. Williams had the privilege of attending a few of the last in-service sessions in this series as a guest teacher, and I was impressed by the confidence these rank-and-file officers got out of the training. At the end of the class I overheard one long-term veteran copper say to his partner, "I used to be scared to death of getting into a shooting scenario... but now I'm not only not afraid, I know I'll win if I have to shoot it out with a bad guy." (FYI, he used a more colorful expression than "bad guy".)

Here's the payoff of that department's SXRV program: they went from an "average" police agency (compared to national data) to a team of gun-fighting experts. Over the next 3 years, they went from a less than 20% hit ratio to over 90% round accountability. That's right, NINETY percent of their bullets hit the bad guys after this training! Moreover, the number of OIS's in that time period was 34, and 27 of these resulted in permanent removal of the offender from the criminal element. Best of all, not a single police officer was shot, wounded, or killed in those 34 deadly force encounters. And the total number of OIS's in that time period dropped nearly 50%! These are the kinds of numbers that even city administrators and risk management pukes can get behind. 

At this point, 15 years after Dr. Williams started teaching SXRV, dozens of American police forces have incorporated the principles of anatomic-target based combat shooting into their firearms training, and thousands of private armed citizens have done so as well. The outcomes across America mirror the experience of the Midwestern city police force I just told you about. Shooting With X-ray Vision is one of the most powerful success stories in law enforcement firearms use in the past half century, and most people are completely unaware of it.

Why have law enforcement agencies embraced SXRV? Because, as SIMUNITION inventor Ken Murray wrote in my books' foreword, "Society does not expect cops to enjoy shooting people; but it EXPECTS THEM TO BE GOOD AT IT!" And quite simply, the SXRV gives cops (and private citizens) the tools they need to get good at it! The principles and training in SXRV can take ordinary shooters and turn them into exceptional shooters when it counts and your life is on the line. 



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