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(Patrolman’s First Aid Kit)

The Midwest Civilian Aid PFAK is packed in Condor brand Mini Pouch designed with Velcro and MOLLE for flexibility in mounting.  It is designed in a vertical, small pouch format specifically for the limited acreage on a Patrolman’s duty belt, training belt or Body Armor vest and will always be ready in an extreme emergency.  It measures  3” x 6” x 2.5” fully loaded and weighs in at mere 13 oz.  Tearing open a Velcro top flat, reveals the entire supply contents and will allow easy access, removal and use. Your kit comes preassembled and packed for use with items specifically chosen to serve multiple functions. An IFAK or PFAK, is designed specifically for treatment of gunshot wounds, but is flexible enough to serve your needs in other trauma as well.  Stocked with the most currently used  supplies, nothing in your kit will date expire, freeze in extreme weather or crush under extreme weight or packing. The kit contains items that are in use everyday in ER’s and ambulances around the world.   All bandage supplies in your kit come with a FREE replacement guaranty.  If you should ever need to use the bandages in a true emergency, send us an email and we will replace those items FREE. You just pay the shipping!

  Kit Contents;

        (1) -  6” x 3” x 2.5”  Condor MA-62-002 Pouch, MOLLE           

        (1) -  North American Rescue (NAR)  Combat Application Tourniquet

        (1) - Pair Black Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves, XL

        (2) - Petroleum Impregnated Gauze,  Occlusive Chest Seal

        (1) - 5”  x  9”  ABD Trauma Bandage Pad

        (1) - 4.5”  x 4.1 yds. H&H or Tytek Compressed Wound Packing Gauze

        (1) - 4" FCP-03 First Care, Compression Trauma “Israeli” Bandage

        (1) - Laerdal Face Shield, (for CPR/Rescue Breathing)


Product Specifications;

Water Repellant;                      Yes

Kit Colors;                                 Black only.

Kit Size;                                      6” x 3” x 2.5”             

Kit Weight;                                 23 oz., (fully stocked)

Kit Attachment;                                   MOLLE, Back                                                                                                              Belt Loops Velcro top Flap