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MCAT’s 10-32 Solutions Violence Response Sling  (10-32 VRS)


When responding to violence, you grab your patrol rifle and enter with only what you’re carrying, BECAUSE SECONDS MATTER!  It might be the kids in the school, or an ambush! It might be a another alarm call that isn’t a false alarm this time, or maybe your call response takes you far from your squad car and you only have a few items you brought with you.  GO Bags, backpacks, tactical vests, and body armor, are available to everyone, but we also know that the situation might not allow you to access,  to find, or to wear them. You can still make sure you’re carrying the support equipment that may help you or another wounded officer SURVIVE!   M.C.A.T. collaborated in planning and design with one of the Midwest’s finest self-defense instructors and tactical trainers to create a grab & go sling bandolier that enhances violent response capabilities with a slim 4-cell arsenal of tools and supplies. The concept is based on one law officer’s idea to make responses more efficient and safer.   His training, experience, and incident evaluation spanning back decades revealed a distinct pattern of needed response equipment, which gives an Officer or First Responder everything, they may need. Simply stated, “Giving these Responders the edge they need with what works!”  M.C.A.T.’s Violence Response Sling (called the VRS) is designed to be a product that is easier to use than current grab bags and faster to don than most tactical vests, incorporating what you may need to respond to a violent situation, IMMEDIATELY!

It easily slides over your head and strong shoulder and hangs under your strong-side armpit. 

You access items using your support hand, while the weapon hand maintains a firing grip on your weapon. It rides against the side of the torso where it is more secure and moves much less than commonly overloaded active shooter or GO bags.  We have modified a standard tactical 6-Magazine M4 Sling by adding MOLLE webbing and a removable  flat pouch to the rear of the sling that maximizes the unused space next to the body. The sling comes complete with adjustable neck strap as well as a detachable wide adjustable waist strap and currently is available in black only. The M.C.A.T. VRS comes as a basic sling bandolier or in our fully loaded VRS configuration we call the "10-32 Solutions VRS”.

Our ideal arsenal of tools & supplies begins on the front, with the 3 cells (pouches) of the bandolier.  Each cell is roomy and able to hold two 30 rnd., AR/M4 magazines.  Each rectangular pouch has a large Velcro top flap, to keep the contents security packed.  

 The arsenal continues with the MOLLE attached, Velcro sealed, 8” x 8” x 1” rear flat pouch. This pouch uses the space next to the body allowing for ADMIN storage of reference items like reports, photos, maps, building plans.  It can also be filled with first aid supplies.  Having multiple first aid items handy allows faster deployment to gets to the victims sooner, which stops the bleeding faster! You can quickly drop individual items to victims or fellow officers who are down and injured, OR detach the entire pouch and throw it down, while continuing on to the threat.  The simplicity of our concept allows you the flexibility to tweak the contents to fit what you feel YOU may need for the response.

MCAT’s  10-32 Violence Response Sling:    Your 4 Compartment Arsenal


            The forward most cell is loaded with two proven quality, Magpul 5.56,  thirty round PMAG (Gen 2) AR/M4 magazines.  When leaving your squad car, your civilian vehicle or your house with your weapon, extra ammunition is always suggested.  Several law enforcement incidents have involved more than a single magazine, and you may be away from your squad car, without help for a while. Why not have a couple preloaded and preset in the sling to guarantee you have what you need, when you need it?


          The middle cell contains both a  2” x 6’ Mil-Spec Webbing Drag Strap outfitted with non-locking Carabineers AND a 1” x 48” Mil-Spec Webbing Extraction Loop. Those in law enforcement know that sometimes you can’t render aid in place and you must move the victim behind cover and concealment and out of harms way.  The Extraction Loop is a simple, effective way to move a conscious victim by placing the loop over the victim’s head, shoulders and armpits, and dragging the downed victim away to safety.  The 6’ Drag Strap is clipped to the rescuer’s duty belt and to the Rescue Loop or clipped directly to the victim’s vest or body armor.  Using the Drag Strap and Rescue Loop allows you to maintain situational awareness and keep your hands free (or a weapon in your hand), using the more efficient leg muscles to pull a load of a downed victim.

Cell Three; IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

             The rearward most cell, contains an IFAK.  But not any IFAK, our PFAK (Patrolman’s First Aid Kit).  This kit contains; (1) N.A.R. C.A.T. (Tourniquet), (2) pr. Nitrile Exam/Trauma Gloves, (1) Laerdal Face Shield, (1) 5”x9” ABD  Trauma Pad, (2) Petroleum Impregnated Gauze  (occlusive dressings), (1) 4” x 4.1 yard Compressed Gauze, (1) 4” Israeli Trauma Bandage and (1) 28fr. Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA) with Lubricant.  M.C.A.T.s Patrolman’s First Aid Kit gives the officer or first responder the needed tools and supplies, in a small package,  to render aid to himself or others in a high risk environment, when uniform or duty restrictions do not allow the ability to carry these supplies on their person.


 The final component housed in the 8” x8” x 1” rear “throw-down” pouch, is a Multiple Victim Trauma Kit.  This pouch has external MOLLE for additional attachments as well as internal straps and Velco to hold internal contents securely in place. The Multiple Trauma Pouch is stocked with;  (1) N.A.R. C.A.T. (Tourniquet), (2) pr. Nitrile Trauma Gloves, (2) Laerdal Face  Shields, (4) 5”x 9” ABD Trauma Pads, (4) Petroleum Impregnated Gauze (occlusive dressings), (4) 4” x 4.1 yard Compressed Gauze, (1) 1” Dermicel Surgical Tape and (2) Mylar Rescue Blankets. The larger size of this pouch also makes it much easier to store admin items such as maps of high-risk areas, building, school or shopping mall plans, reports, a length of 550 cord , or even a cereal bar since you ended up missing lunch!

Besides the loaded 10-32 Solutions VRS,  you can purchase the VRS as a “sling only", allowing you to load it any way you want, with your own!  You can also let us create a custom VRS for you, loaded with the tools and supplies you want. Merely pick from a long list of tools and supplies (or suggest others, not on the list) and we will make you a VRS to fit your needs.

 The VRS is not a replacement for quality training, your tactical vest, or your body armor, but is a grab & go option to expand or enhance your abilities when time is of the essence!

MCAT’s 10-32 Violence Response Sling (VRS)…………………………$ 219.99



(1) MCAT VRS  Sling


(2) Magpul .5.56 cal. PMAG, Gen 2, 30 round, AR/M4 Magazines


(1) 2” x 72” Mil-Spec Tubular Webbing Drag Strap with 2 non-locking Carabineers

(1) 1” x 48” Mil-Spec Tubular Webbing Extraction Loop

IFAK (our enhanced PFAK)

(1) N.A.R. C.A.T. (Tourniquet)

(1) Laerdal Face Shield

(1) 5” x 9” ABD Trauma Pad, various brands

(1) 4” x 4.1 yard  Compressed Gauze, H&H or TyTek

(1) 4” Compression Trauma Bandage (Israeli), First Care FCP03, civilian white

(2) 3”x 8” Petroleum Impregnated Gauze (Occlusive Dressings), various brands

(1) 7.5” HD EMT Trauma Shears, TyTek

(1) 1” Dermicel Surgical Tape, Johnson & Johnson

(1) 28fr. Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA) w/Surgi-Lube Surgical Lubricant, SunMed/Surgilube

(2) XL Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves, various brands 


(1) N.A.R. C.A.T. (Tourniquet)

(2) Laerdal Face Shield

(4) 5” x 9” ABD Trauma Pad, various brands

(4) 4” x 4.1 yard  Compressed Gauze,  H&H or TyTek

(4) 3”x 8” Petroleum Impregnated Gauze (Occlusive Dressings), various brands

(1) 1” Dermicel Surgical Tape, Johnson & Johnson

(2) Mylar Rescue Blanket, various brands

(2) XL Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves, various brands






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