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Immediate Treatment of Gunshot Wounds

A five hour training session to introduce the layman to the basic aid which needs to be rendered to a gunshot victim in the home, hunting cabin, street, while hunting or on the shooting range.  THIS IS NOT A GENERAL FIRST AID COURSE! 


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BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap


Professional, Discreet, Protective and affordable protection a baseball cap, providing LEVEL IIA protection.

For more information go to;  http://www.bulletsafe.com/bulletproof-baseball-cap.html







As an RSO, Trainer or Instructor in the "Gun World", you have a duty to your company and to your students, to keep them safe and to provide medical aid when something happens (within the scope of your training and abilities) until the ambulance arrives. 
Our question is  "What could happen on the shooting range,  THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY RENDER AID FOR?"
Our IFAB-  Instructors First Aid Bag  handles it all.  Gunshot wound-Check,  Burns-Ceck,  Foreign Objects in Eyes-Check, Sunburn-Check, Dehydration-Check.... Well, you get it.  Something in here for almost anything that happens at the range!
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MCAT   10-32 Solutions VRS

 (Violence Response Sling)

When responding to violence, you grab your patrol rifle and enter with only what you’re carrying, BECAUSE SECONDS MATTER!  It might be the kids in the school, or an ambush! It might be a another alarm call that isn’t a false alarm this time, or maybe your call response takes you far from your squad car and you only have a few items you brought with you.GO Bags, backpacks, tactical vests, and body armor, are available to everyone, but we also know that the situation might not allow you to access,  to find, or to wear them. You can still make sure you’re carrying the support equipment that may help you or another wounded officer SURVIVE!                                                                         M.C.A.T. collaborated in planning and design with one of the Midwest’s finest self-defense instructors and tactical trainers to create a grab & go sling bandolier that enhances violent response capabilities with a slim 4-cell arsenal of tools and supplies. The concept is based on one law officer’s idea to make responses more efficient and safer.   His training, experience, and incident evaluation spanning back decades revealed a distinct pattern of needed response equipment, which gives an Officer or First Responder everything, they may need. Simply stated, “Giving these Responders the edge they need with what works!                                                                                                                                            M.C.A.T.’s Violence Response Sling (called the VRS) is designed to be a product that is easier to use than current grab bags and faster to don than most tactical vests, incorporating what you may need to respond to a violent situation, IMMEDIATELY!

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(Individual First Aid Kit)

The Midwest Civilian Aid's  IFAK is a fully loaded gunshot wound kit,  packed in a 7" x 5" x 3" EMT Pouch designed with zippers, Velcro and MOLLE, giving you flexibility in wearing or mounting. This kit have everything you need to render aid to a gunshot wound victim (or other major/minor trauma). It will be ready when you are!

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(Patrolman’s First Aid Kit)

The Midwest Civilian Aid PFAK is an abbreviated IFAK, packed in a Mini Pouch, measuring a mere 6" x 3" x2.5", with Velcro and MOLLE for flexibility in wearing or mounting. Specifically designed in a vertical, small pouch format for the limited acreage on a Patrolman’s duty belt, training belt or Body Armor/Vest, it will always be ready in an extreme emergency!


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(Range First Aid Module) 

The Range Minor First Aid Module was designed by Midwest Civilian Aid Trainers, to be merged or inserted into our IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) or any other IFAK,  to provide many of the items you may need while at the range, sportsman club, or in the field.  Vacuum sealed, it covers a range of basic First Aid and convenience needs that your sometimes wish you had with you. The RFAM is appropriate for multiple minor injuries or two people.  Buy more than one and get a discount!


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(Minor First Aid Module)

The Minor First Aid Module was designed by Midwest Civilian Aid Trainers, to be merged or inserted into any IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) to provide many of the items you may need while at the range, sportsman club, or in the field.  Vacuum sealed, the contents cover a range of basic First Aid and is much smaller and lighter than our Range First Aid Module .  The MFAM is appropriate for one person. Buy more than one and get a discount!


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A 2” x 6’ Climb-Spec Webbing Drag Strap with non-locking Carabineers

The MCAT 6’ Drag Strap allows simple, quick attachment to the rescuer’s duty belt and to our Rescue Loop or directly to the victim’s vest or body armor, to move a downd victim behind cover and concealment and out of harms way.  Using our Drag Strap allows you to get distance from your victim, maintain situational awareness, and keeps your hands free (or a weapon in your hand), and allows you to use your larger, more efficient leg muscles to pull downed victim.  Our Drag Strap is included in MCAT’s Extraction Pack as well as in our 10-32 Solution’s VRS.

Condor MA21 EMT/Medic Pouch, 7" x5" x3", 1000 Denier Nylon

North American Rescue C.A.T.  &  SOF-T-TW Tourniquets

H&H Compressed Gauze, 4" x 4.1 yd.,

SunMed Nasopharyngeal Airway, 28fr.

First Care Compression Trauma Bandage, "Israeli", 4", White

7.5" Piranha EMT/Trauma Shears, Black

Petroleum Impregnated Gauze, 3" x8", various manufacturers