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Kevin Eyre, Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officer, IDPA/IPSC Competitive Pistol Shooter, former Owner/Instructor/Trainer of Milwaukee C.O.P.S.

Brief Biography;

Kevin is a Sergeant in a large metro police department in Milwaukee County, currently assigned to the Detective Bureau.  He has been on the street 20 years, and has investigated hundreds of gun calls, from simple "shots fired" with no witnesses or victims, all the way up to and including officer-involved shootings and multiple-victim shootings.  He has been the sole investigator in dozens of cases of police use-of-force.  Kevin has been through and studied "critical incidents" and can speak first-hand as to what you may or may not experience.  He has made deadly force decisions numerous times.  He has testified and been cross-examined in municipal, state and federal court.  He is a Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board certified firearms instructor and has instructed at work, part time, since 2006.

In addition to his LESB certification, he is a certified instructor through the Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center, the NRA, and the Massad Ayoob Group.  He is a certified Range Officer through the USPSA.  He has taken several adult education train-the-trainer courses, and he has to re-certify periodically.  He attends several classes a year...and has been for many years....as a student, to keep his own skills up-to-date.

Kevin's former business, Milwaukee Community Outreach Partners (Milwaukee COPS,) and has trained over 700 students through Milwaukee COPS.  He is an "A" class USPSA shooter, and acts as a USPSA Match Director several times a year.  He has been shooting, reloading, training, and gunsmithing over twenty years.