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About Us


As a Massad Ayoob Group Staff Instructor, we offer instruction and training in the MAG pistol doctrine and pride ourselves in Safety, Accuracy and full service instruction.

James Yeager, of Tactical Response, visits us at the first ever USCCA Expo, May7, 2015 in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Who We Are

M.C.A.T. is a group of Wisconsin EMS and Law Enforcement professionals, helping train the layman, good samaritan, or first responder in the basics of concealed carry and personal protection, as well as basic, immediate and life saving techniques for rendering emergency aid to victims in need. We teach the NRA Range Safety Officer curriculum, NRA Basic Pistol curriculum, NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home, and NRA Person Protection Outside the Home, the Massad Ayoob Group MAG20 Pistol Doctrine, the A.B.C's of Basic Life Support, Rescue Breathing, CPR, AED, and the U.S. Military's  M.A.R.C.H. algorithm, as well as tactics, rescue, and victim extraction.

Group and private classes can be arranged for any personal protection session as well as for the shooting or CCW beginner.  We are also proud provide women's only sessions with women trainers/instructors.

Due to the violent world around us, we are targeting gunshot wounds and massive trauma from gunshot wounds in the street, the hunting cabin, or the home in our medical training. Med training sessions are designed for the medical non-professional and/or layman, presented in plain english without medical jargon. Current courses are 5 hours long and very affordable, avoiding the high costs and lengthy time commitments of your local community technical colleges. The training sessions are a hybrid presentation compiled from many modern medical sources, using Powerpoint & video classroom presentation as well as hands on use of the IFAK. The course information has been researched and vetted by professional trainers in emergency medicine (docs,medics and RN's) and law enforcement officers.

Our Mission

To give every layman, first responder and good samaritan, the techniques, the training and the tools, to protect themselves in a violent encounter as well as to help others in traumatic emergencies that can occur in real life.  You too can be a HERO!